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Step-by-Step: Making a Dumpling

In North China, making dumplings is more than food, more than an art and more than a lifestyle. It is part of a centuries-long family tradition that emphasizes the finest wheat and careful, loving attention to the details. Here's a look at how Chef Jenny handcrafts one of our eight-ingredient vegetable dumplings.

After forming and gently kneading the dough, which is made only from flour and water, a piece is cut and divided into 12 small rounds. There are always 12 dumplings to an order. Each round is then carefully worked into a dumpling wrapper using a small rolling pin on a floured surface. The dumplings from North China are renowned for the delicate, almost translucent nature of their wrappers.

Each wrapper is carefully filled (you can see Chef Jenny's special vegetable medley in the lower left of the first two photographs) and then sealed and crimped. It takes an experienced, expert hand to create the dumpling. The filling is placed in the center of the wrapper and quickly, efficiently sealed. That makes the dumpling light--and ready to be steamed or gently fried to your taste.

Photos copyright Jennifer May. All rights reserved.